Friday, April 24, 2009

MeshLab at Archeo-Foss

Just a short news about one of the many public presentation of MeshLab.
This time we will talk about MeshLab at the Archeo-Foss Workshop, the fourth Italian workshop on Free software, Open source and Open formats in the archaeological field. The workshop will be held in Rome on April 27-28, and it will be centered on the importance of open source sw and process in archaeology, not only considering the price issues, but also taking into account, long term sustainability and process documentation issues.

As you can imagine in this field MeshLab well cover the role of the open source alternative of the various high priced systems for 3D scanning data processing (most of them are priced in the 10k~30k $ range). In the Cultural Heritage environment budget resources are ofter very scarce and cost issues are seriously considered. Here source solutions play a very important role.

We often collaborate with many different CH institutions, working on wonderful ancient masterpieces. Something that often fully repay the effort done in the processing...

Below a few of the Lunigiana statue menhir that we recently acquired and processed (precisely he did most of the job, thanks Marco!).