Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MeshLab V1.2.2 Released!

Yet another minor release of MeshLab. This time a lot of large internal changes (we redesigned the parameter mechanism of the filters for a better previewing mechanism) and we added a few new features:
* pdb molecular importing to build up meshes from molecular description. It feature various ways of building meshes from pdb description.
* Weighted simplification; you can now weight the simplification process with a generic scalar value (e.g. simplify more the internal regions, preserve better the face of a character, etc, etc.).
* Improved the vertex attribute transfer filter (the filter that allows you to transfer color, vertex, position, quality from a mesh to another one) to support the management
of point cloud data and to limit the attribute transfer to a limited
* The new abstract surface parametrization algorithm in now inside MeshLab; currently it is a bit slow and buggy (well it is the first release) so sometime it can crash. The current version of the filter support only the remeshing side of the technique, e.g. you can create an abstract texture and then use it to remesh your model in a very nice way. Full texture parametrization of meshes ahead in the next version.
* And obviously a lot of small bug issues....
As usual release notes are here in the wiki.


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