Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MeshLab at Archeo-Foss (2)

Yet another non technical post :)
I have just returned from the Rome ArcheoFoss workshop. Being one of the organizers I can be proud of the success of the event, more than 150 people from the archeological field attended to the event crowding the main room of the CNR central building. I did not think that such a strictly focused event could attract such a wide audience; it seems that the intersection of people that have a genuine interest in Archeology, believe in open solutions, and live in Italy is a significant set :).
We (Guido Ranzuglia was the speaker) kept a short (40 min) tutorial on MeshLab, to a very interested, non computer scientist, audience; hopefully in a short time there should be a video available.
Pleasant discoveries: MeshLab is already well known in the field as a low cost alternative of the well known big names in 3D scanning processing tools. I also discovered that MeshLab was included in a ArcheoOS a linux distribution targeted to Archeological people.

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