Thursday, April 30, 2009

MeshLab V1.2.0 Released!

After more than one year from version 1.1.1, the long, long waited MeshLab v.1.2.0 has
been released! Jump over the main page and download it.

A sincere thank-you to every contributor and, in particular, to Guido Ranzuglia
that has willingly taken the demanding and onerous task of coordinating
(e.g. actually performing) the whole release process.
Next release cycles, in particular for bug fixing releases, will be much
With respect to v1.1.1 the list of new features is very very long, now more than 100 different filtering actions are provided. In the next post I will spot some of the most interseting algorithm that have been added. In the meantime just download and try it!


Yuppie said...

But U3D-Export doesn`t work. In V. 1.1.1 it was ok...

Yuppie said...

Ok, I found that there are missing 4 DLLs of the U3D-Plugin in Meshlab 1.2.0:

These files are missing in C:\Program Files\VCG\MeshLab\plugins\U3D_W32\plugins:


When you copy them from V. 1.1.1 to V. 1.2.0 the U3D-export works again.

Guido said...

Thanks for the ack Yuppie, probabily is only a problem with the windows installer. we are going to patch it tomorrow in a beta release.


abhishek said...

I am a new user of Meshlab.
It is said that it is an "automatic" and user assisted editing, cleaning, filtering converting and rendering of large unstructured 3D triangular meshes.

I am working on a library that requires automatic cleaning of triangular meshes having imported an object file.

Can you please elucidate as to how the Meshlab library can help do it "automatically"?