Tuesday, September 7, 2010

VAST 2010 MeshLab Tutorial

At VAST 2010 the 11th  International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. (Louvre, Paris, 21-24 Sept. 2010) there will be a full day tutorial of MeshLab.

It will be held by Marco Callieri and Guido Ranzuglia and will cover almost everything of MeshLab, from basic navigation hint to advanced remeshing, measuring and processing tasks. Obviously with a bit of Cultural Heritage pepper here and there.

Target Audience
  • People interested in a simple but powerful opensource tool for mesh processing.
  • People who need to visualize, edit and convert 3D models.
  • People who need small editing, batch process and mesh cleaning.
  • People trying to integrate/replace an existing mesh processing pipeline.
  • People interested in advanced, custom measuring/processing of 3D models, exploiting state-of-the-art algorithms.
Participants will be given the latest build of the tool plus some test dataset to experiment with the presented features. Bring your own laptop!

RSVP at the FaceBook Event Page


nounouvert said...

Any chance for a minute? Thanks.

nounouvert said...
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I just discovered your program and I am very glad that you have a Linux version!
However, an Ubuntu deb version would be very welcome since nowadays few compile from source...
If you don't do it I wish I have the time to do it on my own...

info said...

Hey, I love your blog... It has been sleeping too long.
If you want ideas let me know. I still come across challenges everyday and I know meshlab can fix them, I just have not figured out how.

عالم التميز said...
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