Monday, September 26, 2011

MeshLab for iOS

2 Big News:
  1. MeshPad has changed name: now its official name is MeshLab for iOS 
  2. MeshLab for iOS is available on the App Store!
    And it is free :)
If you have a iPad or an iPhone you can't miss it, go download it and share the news...

We are investing in it, so expect frequent updates. We feel that this kind of support (i.e. tablet) is really great for showing off results to a really broad spectrum of non technically skilled people. Every time that I give to some CH-only guy an iPad to with a gorgeous model ready to be browsed, well, it really pay off much more than asking him to sit down in front of a PC and passing him a mouse...


Simon Haegler said...

great stuff - i would be interested to help with the android version :)

znah said...

Great project!
Although I couldn't make it show my colored .ply point clouds. Just a blank screen on 500k points.
Waiting for the updates!
Thank you!

John said...

Great stuff. Thanks for doing this. But I couldn't figure out how to make it draw in wireframe or hidden line mode.

foxinfosoft said...

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