Thursday, January 7, 2016

MeshLab in javascript

We are proud to present the first beta, experimental, buggy, incomplete version of MeshLabJS, the client-side, run-in-browser port of MeshLab. 
Yes, a version of MeshLab that runs directly inside the browser.

It is still rudimental, very minimal, but yet it is a nice example of how current browsers are able to run C++ code compiled into a javascript (thanks to emscripten) at a pretty decent speed. WebGL (via three.js) is used for the rendering. 
Just to clarify it totally runs inside your browser, no 3D data is transferred to a server for processing, all the computation are done (in javascript) locally. Your data is safe as in a classical desktop app. 
It is a bit more than an experiment, there are only a few tens of filters (more to come!), and no fancy tools, but some classics like the renowned quadric simplifier and radiance scaling rendering mode, are available.

As usual everything is opensource, this time on github. If you like it star it on github and if you need some specific meshlab filter, just ask for it on the github issue page.


Unknown said...

Great project. Would like to speak with you to integrate with Blender and MakeHuman project.

Cloter said...

Fantastic project. I always wanted to have an open source viewer for 3d files that I sometimes share. This is perfect!

TEM said...

Cool, you can delete selected faces. But there is no way to pick them.

Aeldra Robinson said...

Fantastic project. I always wanted to have an open source viewer for 3d files that I sometimes share. This is perfect!

vmware alternative

Thri Keen said...

Not able to get this working. Maybe the camera is inside the model? How about zooming to extents upon loading a new model?

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